Service Tech

  1. Residential HVAC Service.
  2.  Heating and Air conditioning.
  3. Central air conditioning and home air conditioning.
  4. Furnace replacement and Furnace repair.
  5. Installation of home heating systems.
  6. HVAC system installation and HVAC repair.
  7. Installation of ductless heating and cooling system.
  8.  Repair of HVAC filters.
  9. Installation and repair of in floor heating unit.
  10. HVAC calculation using HVAC tools.

We at Wong Mechanical will always be available when your residential or commercial property requires a professional heating and cooling service performed by reputed and licensed HVAC contractors. We offer a complete range of residential heating and cooling services such as installations, upgrades and repair. We are expert in CFM calculation, home air conditioning, attic ventilation, baseboard heating, HVAC duct sizing, gas furnace installation or repair, geothermal heating, and the list goes on. We are quick and precise with our HVAC system & heating and cooling system installation and their upgrade services.